Droppity Platform
Water your plants with a tap
Remote irrigation and plant care possibilities for your home, office, greenhouse, farm field. Control your plants environment from anywhere 24/7
Single plant care platform - multiple use cases
Droppity Indoor Tech specs
Worldwide access
With external 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi antenna and great connectivity protocol you can make sure that you can get stable connection and control of your device from any place in the world.
Powerful water delivery mechnism
Aluminium water splitter in pair with water pressure compensation drips will make sure that each drip sends the same amount of water, despite the difference in height between plant pots. Powerful pump can push water up to 2.5 meters, so you can even water plants on the ceiling. Integrated aquastop feature protects your windowsill from leaking. Powerful evaporation prediction feature in the Droppity App, will help you to water your plants with the exact amount of water.
Size and materials
Aluminium black annodized box with electronic and membrane water pump inside: 150mm x 100mm x 85mm (without antenna). Powered by 220v to 12v adapter.
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Droppity Indoor

Irrigate your plants from any part of the planet. Droppity wired soil moisture sensor will show how thirsty your flowers are. A Droppity Host with powerful pump inside will irrigate up to 20 your flower pots. The watering mechanism is using drip irrigation technology which is controlled by Droppity AI system, to make sure that your plant gets the exactly needed amount of water.

What's in the kit: Droppity Host (Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz) with wired sensor, 20 drips for pots irrigation, 4 water pressure compensation drips (2L/hour), 4 water pressure compensation drips (4L/hour), 5m of water tube (3.5 mm), 220v power adapter.