Taking care of the succulents; the freshmen errors
There is a myth it is almost impossible to kill the succulents. Nevertheless, the freshmen have often overfilled them with water for fear of leaving them without water for a long time. In fact, these plants are like peculiar water tanks. The liquid is stored in the leaf (cobbler, aloe) or the trunk (cactus, euphorbia). Even the translation of the word succulent from the Latin language means "juicy," so you shouldn't be much absorbed in watering them. This plant is good enough to cope with many problems by itself.
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Succulents do not require fertile soil, frequent dosing, or spraying
Unlike many other plants, the succulents do not require round-the-clock care. They could have been left alone for a rather long period; they do not require fertile soil, frequent dosing, or spraying. However, there are some useful rules for looking after the succulents. Do take them into account. Let's consider the rules in details looking through the examples of common beginners' errors.
Watering. Succulents prefer arid zone, and it is unacceptable to water them once in 1-2 days. Their leaves are covered with a protective layer that prevents the evaporation of the liquids accumulated in them. This coat also protects the plants from the sunburn. Therefore, watering should be moderate and not very frequent, on average once a week in summer and twice per month in winter. But, of course, you have to take into consideration the specifics and needs of a particular plant species.
Light. Many floriculturists are afraid of drying plants and choosing the places for them that are unattainable for the direct sunlight. It works for the majority of the flowers, but not for the succulents. They enjoy the heat and dry air, so choose such a window sill where they will feel the best.
Soil. Succulents are not fond of rich in minerals, nutritious soil. The light, air-permeable soil with drainage and neutral acidity is much better for them. Before having bought the ready-to-use substrate, do scrutinize its composition. There are many types of succulents, so the soil mix may not fit your plant. In general, you can make such a mixture yourself. It is not complicated: do take the leaf soil, sand, and bit of scrap brick in equal proportions.
In case you follow these three tips, your cactuses, wild boars, yucca, and many other types of succulents will be fit as the fiddle and give the owner the ocean of positive emotions. Do take care of your plants with love, and they will pay you back.
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