Watering our office plants without a human assist
Due to a lockdown, our office flowers get an opportunity to stay on fully autonomous Droppity care mode. For 4 weeks. Without any human help. Of course, previously we had a lot of test cases when our Indoor device was running in the autonomy mode, but other experiments were shorter and plants get some periodical human health checks, to make sure that our recommendations algorithms work fine.

As you can see from the photos, the experiment went well! Stable connect, no water leaking. In collaboration with Droppity soil moisture sensor and water evaporation prediction AI algorithms the irrigation worked really great!
English Ivy branches became longer. Calceolaria brings even more yellow flowers. Soleirolia (green ball) was fine, but it was too much direct sunlight for it. So it looks a bit stressed. Next time we definitely should leave it in the place with less sun.

Since the lockdown continues, we've decided to take our green friends and Droppity Indoor device home. And what you've decided to do with your office plants?
What did you do with your office plants during the lockdown?
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Take care and do not overwater you plants ;)
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