Manage your fields

Monitor and track all your fields easily for better use of your time and resources. Add your first field in under 2 minutes.

Track your local field weather

Check your field available soil moisture, soil temperature, air temperature and humidity,  weather forecast including precipitation

Predict your yields

With moisture as a limiting factor we’ll help you to predict your yields on multiple crops

Harvest forecast

Predict your income, potential grain yield, and fertilizer usage with Droppity smart AI system


bring data together for better decisions and more production


    The water content of the soil - or soil moisture - can tell you how much water is stored in the ground and indicate its availability for crops


    Get data directly for your field. Stop relying on the weather station miles away from you


    Adjust your field operation plan based on weather forecast. Our Spraying, Gardening, Cultivation widgets will help you

Is Satellite precision not enough? Buy Droppity Agro field sensors!

Boost the in-field data precision!

Preorder Droppity Agro Sensor devices!

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