Modern orchards intensive growing and soil moisture

Modern orchards intensive growing and soil moisture

Intensive type orchards growth that compose most of the fruit trees are almost impossible without irrigation.

It is important especially now, in the period of a decrease in rainfall and an increase in air temperature.

Fruit growing is a type of business in which you need to invest large funds in the first years. And then you need to carry out production activities in a way that you can return the funds in the shortest possible time and make a profit. 

Only in the case when trees do not have a moisture deficiency, it is possible to obtain a planned harvest of quality products.

As a rule, drip irrigation is used in orchards. 

If the amount of water supplied per hectare of the garden can be calculated using a meter, the process of its distribution in the soil is much more difficult to research.

Types of soil, its aggregate composition, terrain, types of plants that are irrigated, air temperature, and other components of this process matter here. 

Too deep penetration of moisture can lead to waterlogging of the fertile layer, and surface moistening can lead to the placement of the basis weight of tree roots in the upper layers of the soil.  Which is dangerous in winter during frosts. And in strong winds, trees can be ripped out by the roots due to the fact that they are not firmly fixed in the soil. 

It may also be a cause of production costs increase due to the use of a large amount of water for irrigation. And this resource is also not cheap and may be restricted in amount. 

Therefore, all these processes must be controlled.

And we can provide assistance to you in this regard. Because the device created by Droppity for measuring moisture in the 3 feet(1 meter)-thick layer of soil does this at intervals of 0.5 feet (20 cm).

And you will always be able to observe the penetration depth and the amount of moisture that has gotten into the soil due to irrigation or natural precipitation. 

This is an in-field device with 24-hour access through the Droppity Agro application on your phone. 

The data on soil and air temperature, air humidity, and dew point can be obtained in addition to the amount of moisture in the soil.

All this will substantially facilitate the work of specialists and will also increase your revenues.
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