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Droppity Agro Field Sensor

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Exact measurement data

Data collection begins with the sensor. We created the Droppity Agro sensor to eliminate the factors that cause inaccurate soil moisture data. Factors such as disturbed soil structure and water leakage to the sensor. Because Droppity Agro requires only a tiny well, you can install the device with minimal ground disturbance and much less effort. The shape of the sensor helps to maintain close contact with the ground, which gives accurate results, even after heavy rains.

Soil moisture monitoring

The water content of the soil - or soil moisture - can tell you how much water is stored in the ground and indicate its availability for crops.

The Droppity 3-feet (1 meter) group of sensors shows the soil moisture movement dynamics. This way, you can get a broader understanding of the soil moisture movement trends. 

Micro weather monitoring

Get data directly from your field. Stop relying on the weather station miles away from you. 

Soil type calibration

We offer individual sensor calibration for the type of soil for even higher data accuracy.

Data availability

We want soil moisture data to be always available to you. Since our sensors go with the Droppity Agro app, all your data can be transmitted and stored in the cloud so that you can access it anytime, from anywhere.